Psychic Reading And Buddhism

Human mind is a vast ocean of thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences. It is quite impossible to retain or rewind everything that has happened somewhere in past but may be causing an hindrances in the peace and stability of present mental state of a person. psychic reading have been followed since centuries to cure the disharmony between physical and mental existence of a person. Psychic Readers have been assimilating information with the use heightened perceptive abilities or human senses of touch, sight, taste or smell. A  psychic reader connects with the energy of his client by triggering his higher self with certain tools or by meditation, in a way to provide consultation for removing the blockages in energy flow in clients life and activities. Some popular types of psychic  readings are aura reading, Cartomancy,   Cleromancy, Lithomancy and crystallomancy, palm regarding, tarot readings and palm reading. 

Extra information about psychic reading

Buddhism and psychic reading:

Buddhism has been highlighting the use of phsychic powers to heal the sufferings of the fellow people. Buddhist scriptures define physic abilities into six types of higher know obtained through virtue and meditation. 

-Walking on water



-Knowing and remembering one's own past lives

-The divine eye or the ability to see others karmic path

-The removal of mental suffering and intoxicants.

Buddhism and Spirituality:

Buddha, the leader of Buddhism had insisted the use of psychic powers to heal the sufferers ans not to convert anyone into Buddhism. Buddhism encourages the enlightenment and purity of the being by means of encountering the sufferings with honest deeds and through meditation as well. It emphasizes on the letting go of mortal desires and attainment of a higher and stable self. By means of constant meditation and practice, Buddhism suggests to brighten the spiritual journey overcoming the mortal sufferings and pains. Rather than following gods, Buddhism teaches to realize the truth of one's own existence and preach for the enlightenment. Buddhist teachings convey the message to love every living being on Earth, without hurting anyone. 

Buddhism narrates 3 ultimate truths of life to be followed for attaining a peaceful and stable life.

-Annica (Impermanence), stating that everything that exists is bound to change. Change is the flow of life and must be greeted rather than complaining for it as it yields beautiful results.

-Dukka(Sufferings), stating that sufferings are a part and parcel of life and are not permanent. Any joy can be reason of suffering at a time as it is also not permanent. 

-Anatta (No Self), stating that there is nothing like selfness which can claim anything to be in our possession or authority. It emphasizes on the egolessness or selflessness. 

A real follower of these 3 ultimate truths of Buddhism never accepts failure due to mortal sufferings and pains. Buddhism, like all other psychic religions enlightens to follow the path of noble actions with right mindfulness. It teaches to attain harmony with one's spiritual being and as well as with all other living beings by means of meditation and virtues. The physic enlightenment attained through the pure actions ends up the sufferings of all the living beings. Considering all religions as holy and respecting the thinking of other religions, Buddhism teaches to spread peace, happiness, harmony and togetherness all around the Universe.